Kozyatağı, Wednesday afternoon

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything interesting to hear at a shopping mall specialized in “home making”… how wrong I was! This is probably the most hilarious recording I’ve made during these weeks. At least I had fun while recording this, hopefully it transmits somehow.

The recording starts outside the main door, from the parking lot. As I slowly walk into the gigantic hall and am being welcomed I encounter all kind of more or less bizarre sound events around me. You can scent the fever of constructing and decorating with the people running around the wide corridors, looking up up along the huge shelves. Forklifts, cardboard, cutting, hammering, announcements on loudspeakers and commercials on TV sets, all kinds of materials being handled, people evaluating everything around them.

While on the subject of shopping I must admit to something pathetic that I felt a few weeks ago: I went to Ikea, the Swedish furniture mall, and suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to sit on one of the leather couches on show and to pet one of the book shelves. I have those models at home in Finland, you see, and a small voice inside my head kept asking “what are all these people doing here, this is my territory”. A strong indication of nascent lunacy or an example of how a Finnish person sees Swedish desing somewhat comforting at a brink of cultural shock in Turkey. Ikea was by the way much more quieter a place…

Listen to the sounds of shopping, building and construction at Bauhaus:


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