Soundcheck at Hagia Eirene

Sultanahmet, midday in April.

The Hagia Eirene (or Aya İrini) church is located inside the Topkapı palace walls. It’s a chilly April day. 1629 years ago the church was getting ready for the First Council of Constantinople. Now it is getting ready for the opening gala of the international poem festival “Şiirİstanbul”.

Chairs are being arranged, PAs checked, people building up the lights and testing them. One of the numbers during the evening is a reading of one poem Nazim Hikmet wrote to Taranta Babu in Rome 1935. To give the performance a bit more context there will be an audiotrack of Mussolini’s “Vincere” speach in the beginning of the performance. The balance and timing needs to be sorted out. The vaults of the byzantine church echo with the transphonics of history.

Listen to the soundcheck:

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