Countryside frogs

It was a warm summer evening in May. I’m standing on a porch of a friends country house North of Istanbul. She’s having a picnic party. Behind me is the house and behind that a crowd of 50 people singing türküs, playing baglamas, eating salads, pies and köftes and skipping rope. On this side of the house you can only hear the frogs. It’s strange. As if I was in a different place alltogether.

There must be some other creatures sounding out with the frogs. I spot the obvious dog. Somekind of insects maybe? Too bad I’m lousy with birds so I can’t recognize the ones on this recording. An owl? I try to count the frogs when they stop for awhile and then start again, there is at least four. But there must be more hidden in the undergrowth…

Listen to the croaking:

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