Music, sports, wine

After a concert, at the foyer. Two women.

“I need to listen to that Petruschka again… He listens to it while skiing, you know. Hears it in his head, that’s what I think he means. The rhythm takes over, skiing…”


“Oh it went straight to my cheeks.”

“But that’s good.”

“The interval is too short for a whole bottle. Even a half bottle is…”

“… The whole bottle is too much.”



On a bus. Evening. A young woman on the phone.

“… fucking brooding, what the fuck am I going to do with him, fucking hell! Did I tell you what we argued about yesterday? Yea, yea exactly that… Today we agrued, we argued about what music to play in the car while driving to the hospital. It takes fucking four minutes! The trip takes four minutes! He’s going on and on about some fucking principles. He doesn’t have any principles! Fucking hell… Am I stupid or is he a total idiot or what? I’m fucking facepalming all the time.”



In a library. Midday. A group of men.

“Hey, you know hey. You were right. It’s just as you said. He betrays her. I asked him, and he said… He’s ashamed. I said don’t you think for a minute I don’t understand what’s going on.  I don’t like it at all. Not one bit. So yeah… You’re a wise man, seeing that.”



On the bus. Morning. Two first graders.

“There’s the lionhead, the pointy eared, the netherland dwarf… which are really cranky rabbits. Very cute, but really cranky. My favorite is the mini lop.”

“I saw the mice were sold for 10 euros. And there were rats for 25. The turtles were also 25.”



On the bus. Morning. Two first graders.

“You know I tried the inflatable mattress yesterday, for the first time. I fell and hit my knee, really bad!”


“Yikes, auch, yes. It looks like a cyborg. I look like a cyborg. I’m a cyborg.”

“I fell on my face once. I was three.”


Partly agreed

At a bar. Evening. Two men.

“I sound drunk, don’t I?”

“That’s fine.”

“It’s the theme of the evening isn’t it?”

“…. it’s the theme of the evening.”

“You know when people ask me ‘how are you doing’, I reply ‘very well’, actually ‘god damn well’. Things haven’t been this well in… seven years. ”


“I was thinking about my mother.”

“Oh yeah?”






At a second hand shop. Afternoon. A customer and a cashier.

“And these socks. Um, I’ll take the shoes out, I won’t be taking the shoes. How much is that?”

“But now I need start over…”

“Ok, I won’t take… Hey, was this dress…?”

“Ok, that’s enough fumbling…”

“Yea yea, fine.”


Counting cars

On a bus. Morning. A mother and a child.

“I can’t mom, I really just… can’t!”


“You take the yellow ones and I’ll take the blue ones.”


“Look there’s one of yours.”


“… there’s one of mine.”

“Let’s get off here, okay. Wait. Thank you.”


Bond situation

At a taxi stand. Midday. A man talking loudly, to a queue of people.

“Here we stand in line like happy Carelians. It’s a totally Finnish situation this is, no taxis anywhere. It’s the same in Tampere.”
[a taxi arrives]

“Well now YOU get a taxi. Let’s not make a fuss about THAT. Do these guys understand what I’m saying? My two step brothers have driven a taxi here. I know what this is all about. They don’t have the guts to invest! If there wouldn’t be a university here, lord, the situation would be all double-o-seven. This city is just paralyzed.”