During November – December 2019 I’m blogging daily on Christmas music I hear in my daily life. The posts (in Finnish) are under the category #joululaulubingo. Background for this explained in this post (in Finnish).

This site also contains material from my older blogs. Thought it would be soothing to have all the stuff under one domain.

listeningip_pic “Listening in public” is a series of tiny posts originally published in a blog of the same name, with John Kannenberg. The idea was to laconically write down things we overheard while walking, commuting, spending time in space that would be understood as “public”. Or as the blurb said: “Conversations overheard by two people in different countries”. For me these are beginnings of mundane stories that feed my imagination. What ever are the situations or histories that are behind these small conversations, it’s up to you to imagine. They are written as verbatim as possible even thought they are translated into English (with variable success). You can read them here.
imaj (2)“Sesli günlük… Istanbul” (sound diary Istanbul) was my field diary while I was doing my PhD. I was practicing soundscape description with it. An edited collage of the texts was published in the book “On listening” (eds Angus Carlyle & Cathy Lane, Uniforms books 2013). The code in the old blog went stale and audio offline so I thought it would be a good idea to upload them here and give the sound files a reboot. You can read and listen to them here.