Tunnaritytöt – Jingle Belles Summer Tour 2019

Kuva: Olli Sotamaa.

Tunnarityttöjen toinen kesäkiertue Kaustisella lähestyy. Rintamäkeläiset kohtaa MacGyverin ja Matula Dallasin Jr:n, kun Tunnaritytöt kutsuvat muistelemaan television legendaarisimpia tunnussävelmiä, joita voi pitää nykyajan elävänä kulttuuriperintönä. Tampereelta, YLE TV2:n kotikaupungista kotoisin oleva trio tarjoaa kahden melodikan ja yhden viulun vinkeällä yhdistelmällä musiikillisia yllätyksiä ja rakkaita muistoja yhtä aikaa, ja jännittävät sovitukset saavat sinut hetkeksi miettimään. Onko se Bercerac? Vai kuitenkin Taivaan tulet? Tule ja hämmästy!

  • Kaustisen Teboil ti 9.7. Klo 12:00
  • Krenikka ke 10.7. Klo 17:00
  • Setori to 11.7. Klo 20:30

Yleisön pyynnöstä ohjelmistoon on sovitettu lisää lastenohjelmien tunnussävelmiä ja Lottoa kuullaan edelleen. Yhtyeessä soittaa Jenni Hokka, Johanna Hokka ja Meri Kytö.

Fanin näkemys yhtyeestä legoakkeleina.

Aural Visions: Artistic Spaces, Making Places, roundtable

Tom Williams, Meri Kytö and Miriam de Rosa, and a gorgeous fresco.

The roundtable – Aural Visions: Artistic Spaces, Making Places – was curated and chaired by Miriam De Rosa and tackled topics such as sound art and placemaking, mapping and navigating space through sound/aural artistic practice, audiovisual media and acousmatic music, interactive screen and sound media. Taking part in the roundtable together with me were Tom Williams, Elena Biserna and Yiorgis Sakellariou.

Mapping Spaces, Sounding Places: Geographies of Sound in Audiovisual Media was organized at the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage, University of Pavia (Cremona).

Musiikki muutosvoimana -manifestin julkaisutilaisuus

Haastattelemassa manifestin kirjoittajia Saijaleena Rantasta ja Kim Ramstedtia Tiedekulmassa. Kuva: Suoni ry.

“Musiikki muutosvoimana: Aktivistisen musiikintutkimuksen manifesti”
Tutkimusyhdistys Suoni ry, 2018. 159 sivua.
Toim. Sini Mononen & Susanna Välimäki
Kirjoittajat: Kaj Ahlsved, Sini Mononen, Kim Ramstedt, Saijaleena Rantanen, Juha Torvinen ja Susanna Välimäki.

Manifesti luettavissa suomeksi ja ruotsiksi osoitteessa https://www.suoni.fi/julkaisu.


Morning at the gym lockerroom. Two senior citizens converse.

“I just can’t understand how some people can be so intelligent. Doctors… they operate hearts, livers… even spleens!”

“And then there was this one who transferred a face.”

“Oh yes! Did the patient survive from that?”

“Yes, for a few weeks at least, eight weeks was it?”



Late night at a train. Two teenage boys playing a first-person-shooter mobile game with sounds on in an otherwise quiet and sleeping car. The phone rings.

“Oh why do they fucking always have to call when I’m fucking playing!?! [pause, answers phone] Yes? Yes I’m at the train. Yeah ok, I will.”



[A guest post]

Morning at a pharmacy. The pharmasist offers help to a customer.

“Can I help?”

“Yeah, I’d need an allergy drug.”

“Do you have a specific product in mind?”

“Yeah, anything but the one that has the annoying jingle. It has played in my head non-stop for a few days now.”

“Ah, OK. Here’s a product from another manufacturer.”


Serving with distinction

Afternoon in a coffee shop. Two baristas serving one customer.

“What’s on the pulled oats you got there?”

“It’s the sweet chili marinade and I’ve added some parsley.” 

“Ok, I’ll have the halloumi instead.” 

“Can I put cottage cheese on top of the dry bread?”

“Do you want syrup with your chili chai latte?”

“No thanks.” 

“Yeah… it’s better to ask and make sure.” 


Out in the town

Late afternoon at a restaurant. Two young women tweeting.

“Is that like good grammar? ‘Strolling around Copenhagen’?”



“Ok so I wrote ‘Casually exploring Copenhagen with this hottie'”

“With this hottie?”

“Yeah! Ok, look up cutie, smile, open your mouth, with your teeth out…”


“Ok, savage!”


I don’t trust you

Evening infront of a shopping mall. A young man talks on the phone.

“Hey you, yeah, I’m on the street, I’m outside. No. You get down here. No you come out, now. Now! You come out now! Yeah. [hands the phone to a young man next to him] Thanks a lot. Ok, so my friend comes out now. You give him twenty euros, ok? You just say it’s from me, ok?”

“…. well… nah… It’s too complicated.”

“Just give it to him, and then you…”

“Forget it. I won’t.”

“Yeah… well I need to… [walks away]”



On a bus. An elderly lady hops on and starts talking to another across the aisle.

“There’s a fine hassle at the bank! What a cue. And one man fell on top of me. He fell on me! He was feeling dizzy you see. He had a dizzy fit. And was sent to the hospital. After the fall… I didn’t need to [pause] Luckily nothing happened to me! Even though I was squished right under him! [laughter]”

“Yeah, sometimes things…”

“…once a man’s shopping tote broke on the escalator, a canvas tote, the seam in the bottom tore up, all the books scattered around… I lost my step among the books. Yes… well…”


Did you see that coming?

Coffee house, afternoon. Two young men talking.

“He had a wife, did you know that? For years. And now he’s dating, a woman. Like… I didn’t see that coming. ”

“Yeah, I’ve seen… in concerts, I’ve seen him together with…”

“Yeah, hmm. Didn’t see that… but I’ll be in Berlin so I won’t be…”
“Maybe they’ll do a broadcast in radio or…”

“Yeah, I’m sure….”



Morning, in a train. A woman talking to a man.

“Sorry what did you say to my father just now?”

“I told him I have a Philippina girlfriend.”

“We come from China.”

“Oh, China is closer.”

“Well, they are neighboring countries.”

“We’ve been together for a year, but we are both poor so… You know. Text messages, video calls.”