Pandemia + Sound/Music + Environment: list of web content from Spring 2020

This is a list of links to online content (audio, pictures, text, “media”) documenting and commenting on the sonic environment during Spring 2020.

As there is a huge amount of content scattered in the web, this is not in any way close to being exhaustive but a resource and a memo you can use. Also as you can clearly see, the list reflects my place in the world (I live in Finland), my research interests, language skills and search engine algorithm bias.

If there is something you’d like to see on the list, please write a comment below.

Thank you for all who contributed to the list, much appreciated!

Corona sound map projects

  1. Radio Aporee Project Corona
  2. Cities and memory: #StayHomeSounds
  3. Covid-19 Sound Map by Pete Stollery:,32.75149559,8133.66958234a,25017742.90688754d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=MicKJQojCiExN0MwN3o5Y1JIOV8ycjRXOE5IYmlYSkt0cDVFMHBCcl86AwoBMA [Chrome browser needed]
  4. Sound Outside Map: Listening to the world at Covid-19 Time
  5. Locus Sonus, real time audio streaming
  6. Muuttuvat suomalaiset äänimaisemat Listening Map: Poikkeuksellinen kevät 2020:
  7. Locate your sound, Italian Covid-19 sound map:
    (see also related essay:
  8. Several recordings (Grenoble) and soundwalks (Turin) on Cartophonies during confinement (search year 2020):
  9. Sound recordings from Fukushima and Sendai, Japan, by Koji Nagahata:
  10. Freesound Audio Database, with the search word “covid”:
  11. Based on the list collated by Society for Ethnomusicology members of hundreds of corona themes songs around the world, Elise Heinisch has made a very accessible map: (Because of “national education system she has had to filter certain songs which could be viewed as religious, political, or otherwise controversial”, so it now contains 139 songs from the list. The list keeps growing substantially.)
  12. Lisbon sound postcards in times of Covid-19, a tourist city without tourists:

Articles or blog posts about “change in soundscape” or similar

  1. The quiet life, article on The Monthly:…/nicola-redhouse/quiet-life
  2. Article on Toronto Star:
  3. Scientific Sonification – The Sound of Corona, essay by Holger Schulze:
  4. Less seismic vibration on Earth (YLE, in Finnish, references Nature journal):
  5. Birds sing louder (Iltalehti, in Finnish, references Reuters):
  6. Reduced marine noise (The Guardian)
  7. Essay on Istanbul, by Burcu Yasin:
  8. Essay on various places, by Matt Mikkelsen
  9. The bagpipes at Lauttasaari, Helsinki (in Finnish):
  10. Silent Helsinki (YLE, in Finnish):
  11. Silent Kuopio (YLE, in Finnish):
  12. Not so silent Helsinki (HS, in Finnish, mentions the legendary Corona Bar):
  13. Silent day care centers (MTV, in Finnish):
  14. Silence retreats by Tampere parishes are cancelled between March-May (in Finnish):
  15. Music for corona generation (in Dutch):
  16. Seismograf article compilation on sounds of 2020, essays collected through a writing competition  (Lyden af 2020, in Danish):
  17. A collection of written experiences with the sonic environment during lockdown (in English and Dutch): (see also the related open call:
  18. A blog by field recordist Arnoud Traa in Amsterdam: (tags #corona recordings and #coronarecordings)

Silence in pictures: empty cities photo reportages

  1. Istanbul (Sabah, in Turkish):
  2. Istanbul (Milliyet, in Turkish):
  3. London (Financial Times):
  4. Segovia (El Norte de Castilla, in Spanish):
  5. Paris (Le Point, in French):

Social media videos / streams of sounding out, playing, singing that have caught my attention

  1. How I’m Handling Online Teaching (Original Screaming Teacher Video)
  2. HUS (Helsinki University Hospital) doctors choir (in Finnish):
  3. Saturday evening music by Lauttasaari church, Piia Maunula on baroque oboe:
  4. The Lahti Symphony Orchestra: Sibelius: Finlandia op 26
  5. Virtuaalikuoro (Virtual Choir project, in Finnish)
  6. Vaskivuoren lukion kuoro (Vaskivuori High School virtual choir, in Finnish): and
  7. Covid-19 parody songs FB group:
  8. Darude Sandstorm on your balcony (in Finnish), FB group with videos:
  9. Video from early March with a hazmat dancer and people cheering in Spain:
  10. Balcony scene from Germany, a commentary on balcony singing: (Searching social media platforms with “balcony singing” provides lots of videos.)
  11. Spectral Electric: Pandemic Response Division album
  12. Alex Ross essay on pianist Igor Levit’s home concerts:

Research projects or surveys about the same subject

  1. Year of Sound 2020 response to Covid-19:
  2. Silent Cities: A participatory monitoring programme of an exceptional modification of urban soundscapes:·Cities-Project.pdf
  3. Survey by Paola Moscoso:
  4. The Hellenic Society for Acoustic Ecology’s International Survey:
  5. The Collegium Hungaricum Berlin Open Call for making a collective soundscape compositions:
  6. Invitation for sound contributions for Live Release, open call:

Sound art works on the subject

  1. A radiophonic sound work “Poikkeusaika” by Taina Riikonen on life in quarantine:
  2. “Poikkeustila” soundscape work by Mikko Haapoja under the project The routes of Helsinki (Helsingin reitit):

Stepping lightly – more episodes to come

My podcast series “Keveät askeleet” (“light steps”) has come up with a small obstacle, now that there shouldn’t be much “stepping” done outside the house for a month or two.

The idea of the show is to take a scholar out for a walk, to which ever place they want that would be in their comfort zone, research-wise. We then walk about and discuss what they see, hear or “read” from the environment. This obviously being something else than I would, having a different disciplinary background. There is an emphasis on soundscape and sonic narration. The aesthetics of the show follows roughly the aesthetics of field work: no fancy editing, definitely not studio quality, but maybe a refreshing take on mediated auditory realities. At least I hope it might be refreshing. It could also be annoying for all I know.

So far I have had the pleasure to walk with four scholars. With architect Jenni Partanen we walked in Nekala, an old industrial district in Tampere, talking about entropy and change. With cultural scholar Anu Laukkanen we walked in the University of Turku campus, pondering situated bodies and power in different kinds of spaces of learning. With sound artist Petri Kuljuntausta we walked in Tukholmankatu, Helsinki, where his sound art gallery is located. With sociologist Juhana Venäläinen we walked around Tampere city centre, discussing the commons, cycling and urban space as a location for encountering. We also had some donuts.

If everything goes as planned tomorrow the fifth episode will be online: media scholar Minna Saariketo (while walking her dog in Turku) will accompany me walking around the garden in Tampere, and we will talk about the landscapes of code. This will be executed by all recommendations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Pic: Mirkka Hietanen from Vastapaino (the feet are mine, the photo was taken by Miia Collanus). Jingle by Väinö Jylhämö.


#joululaulubingo 71. päivä

10.1.2020 Tampere ja Turku

Kaupungilla on jo muut musiikit, en missään törmännyt jouluiseen musiikkin. Ehkä tämä bingo vähitellen loppuu, vaikka Nuutinpäivänä.

Päivitys: Ei kyllä bingo loppui nyt. Merkkinä tästä olkoon alla oleva kuva Hietalahdesta (kiitos Josephine), jossa jo lasketaan päiviä seuraavaan jouluun.


#joululaulubingo 70. päivä

9.1.2020 Tampere

Pian loppuu tämä  bingo. En ole kuullut tänään joulumusiikkia, mutta pääkirjasto Metson lehtiosastolla on vielä joululehdet esillä (varastotila on sen verran täynnä että niitä ei vielä mahdu pakkaamaan takaisin, kertoi kirjastonhoitaja).

Musiikkiosastolla oli vielä kyltti joulumusiikille, mutta nuotit ja levyt oli siirretty jo pois, kirjastonhoitajan arvion mukaan Loppiaisen jälkeisenä tiistaina. Lindgrenin ja Löytyn tuotanto oli tulossa tilalle.


#joululaulubingo 55. päivä


Hotellin aamiaisella soi joulumusiikki. Poltetulta CD:ltä soi paikallisten musiikkiluokkien levytys, “Joulupukin maa”, “Sinivuorten yö”. Tätä seuraa Bing Crosbyn “White christmas”, naislaulajan “Jingle bells”, “Silent night”.

Taksissa soi Boney M -potpurri ja Samuli Edelmanin “En etsi valtaa, loistoa”.